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02. Group Learning

Group Work is a format of learning designed to help you spend time with diverse people, and, together, embark on a journey of personal discovery. The objective of these groups is to increase self-awareness, and thereby, sensitivity to others.


In this collaborative space, and through the process of experiential learning, your exploration of self helps you understand your own inner workings and behaviour patterns. As you become conscious of your own thoughts and feelings, and as you express them—while, in turn, acknowledging those of others—you achieve greater self-awareness.

Your guide in this journey

In addition to being a psychoanalyst, Aditee (the founder of Jaagran) is also a trained and experienced facilitator of Sensitivity Groups’ – a process wherein the members of a group experiment, individually and collectively, with both existing as well as new behaviour.


Furthermore, Aditee is also certified in Change Management, which means she's highly attuned to the symbiotic nature of individual self-development and that of the organisation in which the individual works.

Group Work
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